1. A score based on the folk Irish song Women of Ireland (Mna na hEireann) was an absolute necessity for the director as it set the exact tone and pace he was looking for on a tale like this.

  2. An extremely diverse crew included citizens of 13 different countries around the world: from Iceland to Japan or Brazil, to name a few.

  3. The visually striking poster of The Spirit of the Beehive, a Spanish classic from the 70's, inspired the director to come up with the story for Coming to Terms.

  4. A 24 ft techno crane was used for a more dramatic encounter between the kids and the train.

  5. The challenging final scene with the moving train took three days to shoot, at an average of two shots per day, to keep production extremely safe.

  6. Three different envelopes had to be drawn and colored to accurately match the envelope-to-reality transition.

  7. The train studio used in Coming to Terms was also used in movies like Inception, Knight&Day, or Unstoppable, and is located right outside of Los Angeles, in Fillmore, CA.

  8. All the exterior scenes were shot at Magic Hour (sunset), which called for very short days of filming (6 hours).